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About FKG Consulting

At FKG Consulting, helping our clients achieve their public policy goals is quite literally the family business. In 2005, we combined three firms to form the largest and most experienced government relations organization in Oklahoma. Now we’re one big family that successfully delivers results for dozens of clients in industries as diverse as health care, energy, banking, information technology and many others.

We’ve broadened our focus from traditional state lobbying to public affairs, adding services in municipal government relations, public relations, marketing, brand management, direct mail and digital and social media. Whatever your issue, we are poised to deliver results and make your business or association more successful.

We are proud to operate ethically, efficiently and effectively. We make sure our clients’ voices are heard by state leaders, the press and the public. No one works harder than the FKG team.


Communications and Public Relations

FKG works with clients to develop a credible, effective message and to ensure that message is heard by the right people. Whether it’s building public support for legislation, enhancing an online presence or navigating a crisis, the FKG team makes sure our clients are well represented to the public.

Government Relations and Lobbying

The FKG team combines decades of experience in the Oklahoma State Legislature and the executive branch. No matter the issue or client, we are poised to interface with decision-makers at the highest levels of state government.

Grassroots and Coalition Development

We work with clients to build the largest possible network of key supporters. We assemble winning coalitions that enhance our clients’ credibility and emphasize a broad base of support.

Strategic Planning and Consulting

Being successful in public affairs means developing and executing a good plan. We work with our clients to ensure that their public relations, government affairs and communications initiatives are all working in concert to support their strategic goals.

Municipal and County Relations

It’s been said that “all politics is local,” and we get very local at FKG. We work with mayors, city councils and other county and municipal organizations on behalf of our clients to ensure their needs are being met where government is closest to the people.

Issue Advocacy

FKG uses every tool available -- whether it’s traditional media outlets, social media or paid communications -- to shed light on the issues our clients care about. We raise awareness, change minds, and deliver results.